Boost Brain Power

Boost Brain Power

Brain Boosters – How To Enhance The Brain

Various researches have been conducted by scientists to find out which is the best memory booster of all. However, there is no final decision arrived at in this point. Some say that healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals boost your memory power. Others keep their faith in herbal extracts and supplements.

Before you finalize your decision to choose the right one, you have to understand the concept behind memory booster. The memory booster helps to improve the oxygenation of the brain and it increases the blood circulation.

Blood carries oxygen to various parts of your body. Nearly 20 percent of total oxygen consumed by your body goes to your brain. When this supply is below that limit you get some problems like headache, fatigue, vertigo and loss of memory power. So, you have to take memory booster that will enhance the blood circulation and improve your memory.

There are so many memory booster techniques available. Some require memory training courses and some need supplements to enhance their power of remembering. Good memory gives you lots of advantages.

You have to develop good health habits so that you will have sharp memory. Consume the right kind of foods that are rich in substances that help brain performance. You can call these as memory booster foods. They fuel your memory machine and nourish the brain.

Fish like sardines and tune that are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and nuts and berries are helpful to boost your memory. You will be surprised if I say that the best memory booster is water. This helps to keep your body and brain hydrated. If your brain gets dehydrated then you will get poor memory problems and headache. So, you cannot remember things that happen when your brain is dehydrated.

Eat lots of fresh water to keep your brain brisk. Studies show that regular coffee consumption prevents loss of memory as this lessens the degradation of cells that are caused by age.

So, coffee is the best memory booster for memory loss during old age. The antioxidants present in it help you to protect your brain cells and thus guards your memory.

Some people take health supplements and memory supplements. The popular one is Ginkgo Biloba supplements. These supplements decrease the stress and level of depression and so you do not get stress based memory loss problems. Improve your memory with natural memory booster.

A final note, before changing or taking any new drugs, supplements, vitamins, or starting new physical exercises always talk to your doctor first.

Boost Your Brain Power Now

Doing the right things in your everyday life can boost your brain power into another level. But it is not achievable in a short period of time. Continuous effort is required to accomplish that gain through exercising your mind for it to work according to your plans.

To do this will be to increase different techniques that will stimulate your mind. Patience is the best virtue when you want to strengthen your thoughts, for it will not work overnight, it needs continuous effort. Your thought process will be increased if you will follow these techniques.

Here are great strategies to follow to accomplish your goal.

Challenging your senses – As human, we greatly depend on our two great senses which are the sense of hearing and the sense of sight. Purposely blocking these major senses will make us incapable of determining our surroundings.

When we block our senses, our brain will do all the hard work to offset loss in our senses. This is a good form of brain exercise and you will notice the effects over time. This simple exercise that helps us boost our brains to its full potential is easy to incorporate in our everyday activities like eating or when you are playing with your Rubik’s cube.

You can easily perform this exercise to block your senses by putting a blindfold in your eyes or plugging your ears with earplugs. For your own safety, you should not perform this mind-boosting exercise while you are not doing a dangerous task like driving a car. It will actually cost you your life when you do the exercise while driving.

Immersing yourself in the exercise of using your other senses while deprived of the two most important major senses will provide you better results.

Discovering other uses for common objects – Another form of mental exercise is devising another use for objects that are common everywhere you go. It provides you many benefits without you actually releasing any amount of money, it cost absolutely nothing. This exercise works when you start focusing on a single object like a telephone, chair, keys, plastic figurine or cable.

When you are now focused on your chosen object, jot down the other uses of your chosen object disregarding the common use of that object in the list of yours. Think of other crazy things that your chosen object can do aside from its traditional use. Do not be content with just 10 other uses of your chosen object.

You need to concentrate in order for you to come up with all those crazy ideas that actually help you increase your thoughts. Write until you run out of those crazy ideas or until you drop before you go on with the next object of your choice.

The last exercise is going into a sensory adventure – You should not rely much on your sense of sight for this may cause mental dullness and may out intellect in the long run.

Using the entire senses will keep our mind in good condition. This mental exercise can be done in simple ways like naming things while we are blindfolded or tasting cookies you have never eaten before. These simple exercises actually boost your senses and the way you think in a big way.

Brain Boosters

When most people hear the term brain boosters, they will understandably first think of senior citizens. And while most memory boosters are taken by seniors, there are several ways these same supplements can be helpful for the younger set, too.

Some of the same brain boosting supplements that have been shown to help improve memory have also been helpful for ADD, a condition more associated with kids and teens. See our posts about memory improvement supplements and brain fog treatment for much more information.

Vinpocetine has been found to be important in improving brain circulation and oxygen uptake, and is anti-inflammatory. It has been found to be helpful against both ADD and Alzheimer’s and can help after a stroke.

Huperzine A is a brain enhancer that works by protecting acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter. It has also been shown to help children and teens, as well as adults of all ages, with memory problems.

Fish oil supplements have been shown to calm children with hyperactivity, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. Omega-3 is the most important component of fish oil for your brain and can improve memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.