Increase Mind Power

Increase Mind Power

Increase Mind Power

Many people wish they could increase mind power and be as creative and mentally sharp as they were when they were children. Most of us feel we can no longer or have never been able to organize thoughts and ideas very well.

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Unfortunately, the majority of people have made poor lifestyle choices and either use poor thinking habits or never learned great ones and this has caused mental acuity decline to the point where they can’t organize ideas very well or even express themselves in a creative manner.

If that is you or if you feel like that’s where you are headed you need to know you can increase mind power and you can adopt some strategies and techniques that increase brain power. You will have to do it gradually and use consistent effort because it’s a lot like building muscles but it can be done. Work on it day by day and it won’t be long until you do increase brain power.

Increase Mind Power Strategies

1. Diet changes

If you want to increase mind power you will have to make sure you have a healthy body, first. You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body. The easiest way to acquire a healthy body is to start putting only healthy foods into it.

Some people, but not many, are already eating a healthy diet and if you are already eating healthy foods every day and have cut out the foods that are unhealthy, you are to be congratulated. Also, if that’s you then your mind is probably sharp enough as it is and you may just need to know about some mind exercises to practice that will improve your mind power.

However, if you have not been eating healthy, you can change that right now with two simple steps and 1 simple guideline.

The first step is to go to your pantry and refrigerator and throw out all the food that has been processed. The second step is to follow this one guideline when it comes to the foods you buy and bring into your home. Only buy food that either grew out of the earth or had a mother.

If you stick to wholesome, home cooked meals and only have unprocessed foods in your home to make those meals out of you will be eating healthier than you ever have.

Of course, if you eat out you are limiting yourself to whatever is on the eating establishments menu so keep that in mind when you go somewhere to eat and try to stick to prepared foods that exclude processed ingredients.

You should also try to pick foods at the grocery store that offer the full range of colours of the rainbow. Only pick the lean cuts of meat rather than the fatty ones. It’s also going to help you to eat raw nuts and vegetables and oily fish like wild salmon.

Another food alternative that’s good for the brain that you should try that can help to power your brain is eating yogurt instead of other dessert foods.

2. Sleeping Habits

There are very few things that can cause your creative power and mental acuity to stagnate more than physical exhaustion. Your body needs adequate rest in order to function properly and your mind is the same way.

Typically, people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and there is an optimum sleep time. If you go to bed earlier and wake up early you will find that you can get a lot more done early in the day. If you have a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnoea, you need to get it treated because if you want to increase mind power you need to sleep better.

3. Music Therapy

One thing that keeps many people from feeling sharp or creative is when they have a lot of stress. The best way to deal with stress is to listen to music that is soothing and pleasant. If your favourite music is something that’s a little more exciting and highly stimulating you need to find a different music genre that’s a little more mellow and mix it in with your favourite music.

You need to pick some music that’s stimulating and relaxes you because if you want it to be therapeutic for your mind and improve your brain power it will need to be a soothing experience instead of the opposite. It would help to listen to some mellow music before going to bed because that will help you to fall asleep easier and rest better.

As I mentioned before, it will take consistent effort and trying to do things you are not used to doing but if you try these strategies and others, you can find on this website, it won’t be long before you see results in your effort to increase mind power.

Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

People are starting to be aware that the mind has two basic working states. These are called the subconscious and conscious state. People are also aware of the conscious mind to be the one responsible for an individual’s standard way of thinking. The conscious area is also responsible for one’s daily routine.

Since the modernized world, science has become more and more curious on how the subconscious mind does its job. Your subconscious keeps your memories of the past. If you found yourself reminiscing of the past, your subconscious mind is at work.

This way of thinking will enable you to have a brighter future you thought is not even possible. Using this will help you reach your life’s goal.

So, as shown in studies, there is no way on how to calculate and measure what can be accomplished when you think about it. Being able to use this would give you the opportunity to change how you live your life today.

Decision-making is known to be the job of the conscious but actually, it isn’t just the conscious mind functioning whenever one decides. This is probably the best when it comes to decision-making.

When you feel like you made the right decision and there are no doubts in your heart and your mind, then you are in harmony for both of them to work. The subconscious will help change all the negative aspects in your life into positive ones. It would help you see life positively.

To achieve the change you want, you have to set your mind on what goal you really desire. With this, you are able to strive and see it as your inspiration into attaining your goal. The subconscious part of your mind is said to be 30, 000 times more powerful than that of the conscious area.

Scientist also said that people use only 10% of their minds. The big question is what happened to the 90% area? So with the use of your brain you are able to make improvements and changes in your life. It is like installing an application in your PC, you have to program it well so it would not be put to waste.

There are several ways to unleash the subconscious, there are mind machines used. There are also programs found online offering guides on how to unleash this it. Articles, blogs, and posts related to unleashing the hidden alpha power in you are easy to find online.

For further information regarding the power of your subconscious, you should do deep researches about it. It is no question that some people might not believe and are not convinced of the power of the subconscious.

Power Of Subconscious Mind

It gives you the opportunity to view life in a different manner, in a good way. The use could bring you the life you ought to live. Several known people in the business industry have set their minds into using this. There is no question to it that the use has helped many people into achieving their life’s desires.

So, how do you awaken your thoughts or maybe the subconscious? The Subconscious takes no rest. It functions all the time and does not choose any particular situation to be acted upon to.

There are different techniques in releasing your unknown mind power, like using mind machines, visualization and some are more complex techniques. Hypnosis techniques are available on CD’s or you can download it to your MP3’s.

You have to take note that there is no harm in doing the hypnosis like what you usually see on cartoons. Hypnosis is used in the field of psychiatry. The power does not require too much of an effort so you can loosen it up.

If these techniques, in some ways, did not help in waking up your thoughts or the subconscious, then the problem is within you. But you need not these things because switching on the mind is simply having a common sense and practical mind. You just have to set your life’s goal and have burning passion into achieving it.

You need to program your mind into doing things you desire and things you want to avoid. It is like creating a schedule of tasks you need to do in your mind before doing it. Having to see and think of things first before finally putting it into action.

Awakening the subconscious mind requires you enough knowledge, so, you can handle what might be the outcome of your newly mind set. If you are not that convinced of the power, you better do some research about it.

Rest assured that the use of the subconscious mind is quite effective in achieving your life goals, which is if you really have a goal. Being an optimist also helps in awakening your secret mind power, viewing life in a positive angle would be of great help in boosting up your ability in having easy access to use of its power.

How To Help Your Mind Function / Improve Perfectly?

Well, here’s some information that will guide you to add in your thought and thinking.

Critical Thinking Exercise

A lot of people readily accept what is being presented in front of them. They immediately believed everything to be true even though sometimes it was just a mere fallacy. Because of this mentality, the thinking process has not been critically exercised.

Thus, when people get to fall at the age of fifty, their minds tend to lose its sharpness. To avoid losing the sharpness of your mind, try these steps and you will see improvements the more you do.

They say that asking a lot of questions will help you think better. Asking questions will somehow act like a muscle builder in the mind because you are trying to differentiate several possible true facts than the things that are being just laid in front of you. It somehow helps because you sought to find answers than just being satisfied with what other believed to be true.

Solving problems systematically somehow makes an effect to thoughts and the way you think about those problems, like in solving problems in school, solving it systematically by listing down possible solutions to the problem.

Listing down possible solutions will not only change the way you look at them but also enable you to justify what is the best solution you can get after other solutions fails.

Just like asking questions because you do not immediately believe in things that are being laid upon you, it is not bad to doubt things. Immediately believing what is in front of you will only lead you into a trap.

It will only enable other people to manipulate you if you have shown that you have somehow believed on the argument. So, before accepting everything as the truth tries the exercise and seeks the truth out for what is being laid.

Drawing Exercise

Even if you don’t know how to draw, try to exercise your mind by drawing things which usually come to your mind. As part of having fun, drawing exercises your brain’s ability to project things as image.

Drawing will help the process by stressing your brain to work just to express your thoughts and emotions through lines and curves. Try drawing with different emotions end express it even if you are angry, happy, or sad.

Positive Thinking Exercise

Negative thinking will only give you all the negativities in life. You won’t get anything by thinking negatively. Positive thinking will help because it will help you attract positive solutions to your problems.

Positive thinking will help you increase brain power because your brain will be forced to find better solutions. Positive thinking exercises will help because your brain, will not easily agree with things being presented. Your brain will positively think of something differently which will be acceptable to you.