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Procera AVH can improve memory, increase mental clarity and energy, elevate mood, and increase general intelligence. It is developed by a team of doctors and scientists. It contains all-natural ingredients clinically proven as safe and at therapeutically effective dosage. It works 3 in ways for optimal results.

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If you are suffering with brain fog, memory loss, or lack of concentration, we understand it can be frustrating and sometimes, downright frightening. But, you don’t have to accept this as an inevitable part of growing older. One popular memory supplement we’ve found that looks promising in reversing these symptoms is Procera AVH.

In this review, we’ll tell you what we found out that we liked about this brain enhancement product. We’ll explain how it works. And we’ll show you how to get the best possible deal if you decide to try it.

What We Like About Procera AVH?

  • Clinically proven to improve memory, mental clarity, concentration, and mood
  • Developed by a team of doctors and scientists
  • All-natural ingredients clinically proven as safe and at therapeutically effective dosage
  • Works 3 ways for optimal results
  • More than a supplement – a holistic “Brain Makeover Program” is included
  • Patent pending formula
  • Excellent money back guarantee

How Procera AVH Works?

Procera AVH ingredients are naturally sourced and have been selected to work synergistically to help improve brain function three ways: Vinpocetine – oxygenates brain cells (derived from the periwinkle flower).

Huperzine A – restores depleted neurotransmitters with vital nutrients (derived from Chinese club moss)

Acetyl-l-carnitine – protects brain cells from free radicals caused by stress and toxins (derived from fish)

According to the maker’s website, this product was developed over a period of 20 years by a team of doctors and neuro-cognitive scientists at Brain Research Labs. Then, it was tested at the Brain Sciences Institute in Australia, considered one of the leading clinical trial sites in the world.

These clinical studies showed Procera AVH can improve memory, increase mental clarity and energy, elevate mood, and increase general intelligence.

What Customers Say?

The Men Behind the Supplement

Here is what we found out about the two men who started this company, what went into creating this product, and what their peers have to say.

Joseph Heller, MD is a Professor of Medicine at UCLA Medical Center. He has practiced medicine for over 30 years and is considered an expert in brain health and fitness.

Joshua Reynolds is a cognitive clinical research scientist considered to be a pioneer in the field of brain and cognitive performance. He has developed brain tests used by top medical schools, including Stanford University. He has several patents for cognitive testing technology. He is the author of 20/20 Brain Power, one of the Procera AVH free bonuses.

Between them, these two men have over 40 years experience in the brain health field. They have worked with top scientists, doctors, and psychologists looking for ways to attain peak brain function. They co-founded Brain Research Labs.

They claim that BRL tried and tested hundreds of natural ingredients on thousands of volunteers over a period of 20 years before coming up with the winning formula, which became Procera AVH.

How to Get the Best Deal

When you buy Procera, you actually are getting what some people have called a “Brain Makeover Program”. There are currently two purchase options. You can purchase three bottles as a one-time shipment. Or you can buy three bottles as an auto-shipment. This option is equivalent to a “buy two, get one free” offer.

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